On campus Hostels which are located in calm and serene surroundings, provide a conductive natural atmosphere for the students to study.
Over the years the college has built up a reputation as one of the best institutes in providing quality technical education. Its no wonder the students from all over India seek admission to our college.

To provide a homely atmosphere and a suitable ambience for studying the college has built separate hostels for Junior Boys (1st Year), Senior Boys and Girls. All these hostels have separate wardens who are devoted to their task and to look after the welfare of the students with care and dedication.

The hostels are located away from each other with separate mess facilities. The mess facilities cater to the need of all the students by providing both North and South Indian vegetarian food. Utmost care is taken to maintain hygiene during preparation and serving by dedicated staff.

The discipline in the hostels is of paramount importance and any untoward incidents like Ragging, Misbehavior with fellow students or hostel staff is dealt sternly. As all the hostels are located in the campus the students are free to utilize the facilities like Library, Lab and Internet even after college hours.