Stanford Research Study - Survey Information

The AICTE, in collaboration with Stanford University, is implementing a large-scale program to assess, and improve, the quality of engineering education in India. The purpose of this program is to measure levels and gains in academic and higher-order thinking skills for engineering students in India.
The program is intended to benefit colleges and students by improving our understanding of how much students are learning as well as how different institutional characteristics, faculty characteristics, teaching practices, and peer/student behaviors contribute to student learning. Ultimately, the government can build on the findings from this study to further raise the quality of engineering education in India.

Important Information:

Survey Dates
o 30th - 31st of October

Student Attendance
o Survey of students in the following:
  * Departments: Computer Science & Electronics and Communication Engineering
  * Years: First and Third Year students

Faculty Attendance
o Survey of all the faculty in the above departments
o Survey of all the faculty who have taught/currently teaching the above students

HOD Attendance
o Survey of the HODs of the above mentioned departments.

Computer Facilities
o We will be conducting student and faculty surveys in the college's computer labs
o The basic technical requirement is Chrome browser version 39 and above

Survey Time
o Each Student Survey Time: 3 Hours (computer based)
o Each Faculty Survey Time: 30 minutes (computer based)
o Each HOD Survey Time: 30 minutes (paper based)